if i wanted to fuck you

i would wake up buried in your collarbones
i would sit on the edge of my bed
spine ridges arched pointing directly into my closet
of skeletons

if i wanted to fuck you

i would make home in your lap
undress you like your mother did
kissing your rib cage wishing i could sink into every inch of you

if i wanted to fuck you

i would bite holes through your neck into your throat
i would unbury you like a corpse
i would give you reason to breathe

if i wanted to fuck you

i would glide myself like sound waves bouncing off of you
make you memorize my name like i was born for you to whimper it

if i wanted to fuck you

there would be miles of shredded skin
there would be scars on your back where for once in my life i wanted someone to be

but if i wanted to make love to you

i would buy you a train ticket
i would sound proof my room
i would border up my windows

if i wanted to make love to you

you should be nothing less
than terrified

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Thank you.

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the males who have fucked me over, called me names, belittled me, cheated on me and disrespected me. You have taught me so much about myself these past few years. While you are still sitting around treating females like shit because of the lack of respect you have for yourself (the same respect you probably lack for your mother as well), I have found enough courage in my being to break free from the idea that I have to continue living my life like I always have. Because of you I have a new-found love for myself; physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a love I never thought would see the light of day, especially not in a heart like mine. But I am a new person thanks to you. I once was a scared, dependent and timid girl who accepted your shit, kept her head down and soaked up all of the insults as if they created for her. And now, I am strong. I am independent, I take no shit and I don’t apologize for things that aren’t my fault. My heart is no longer sunken with guilt because of those who have manipulated me. These males, represent people from my past who have bettered me for MY future. The pieces of my heart and soul that you took with you, have been replaced with bits and pieces of courage, respect, self-love, and compassion. I know what NOT to look for in another human being, and it took many lessons and many mistakes for me to realize this…but I am forever grateful. I can finally think clearly enough to determine my wants and needs without a little voice in my head telling me no, or that I can’t. I may have amounted to nothing to you, but I am finally everything to myself. And it feels amazing to come out on top of the most devastating times in my life with the confidence to conquer whatever else comes my way.

And just like that, she felt all the weight lift up off of her shoulders.
She felt light and happy that she moved on. She felt that you were holding her back from life. She felt Beautiful. Confident. And she felt a new thing that she’s never felt before… Freedom.

Natalia Collier (via 3v3ry0n3s-b3aut1ful)